Pacific Shores Philharmonic Singers’ Code of Conduct

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Pacific Shores Philharmonic Singers’ Code of Conduct


I. Definition of PSPF:

A. 501 (c)3 License: Pacific Shores Philharmonic Foundation is a 501 (c)3 Public Benefit Corporation ID No. 45-2305758. Income from concerts and membership dues pays the operating expenses, which includes rehearsal space, performance space and music purchase.

B. You are auditioning for the choral branch of this organization.
1. At this point in time, only instrumentalists and soloists are compensated for their services.
2. In accepting membership, you are giving consent to PS Phil for audio, video, or still photography, etc.
3. All choir members are auditioned; prior membership is not a guarantee of automatic membership.
4. If accepted into Pacific Shores Philharmonic Foundation chorale(s) following the audition process, you promise to pay a fee of $125 per semester (Fall and Spring,) to help defray the cost of rehearsal facility rental and music purchase. If this represents a hardship, please contact our treasurer to arrange for payment or scholarship options on a case-by-case basis.

II. Duties and responsibilities of chorale members:

A. Compliance with rehearsal schedule

1. Maximum number of absences permitted per concert: 3.
a. Performer missing more than 3 rehearsals per concert will not be permitted to perform, without approval of director(s). Special permission may be given in certain circumstances.
2. Excessive tardiness/ early departure constitute absence from rehearsal.
3. Knowledge of musical material.
You are expected to know your music. This may require study on your own time.
4. All electronic devices, particularly smart phones and tablets, should be silenced and put away. Their use during rehearsal is distracting to others and disrespectful to the director(s).

5. Please keep conversations that are irrelevant to rehearsal at a minimum.
6. In accepting membership, you agree that the chorus is not a democracy. The director has the ultimate authority over style, repertoire, soloist selection, and composition of the choir itself.
7. As a member of PS Phil, you consent to audio and / or video taping of rehearsals and performances. Such recordings, tapes, CDs, digital copies, and any other such formats, are understood to be the property of PS Phil, for sale, distribution, promotion, grant applications, or for any other purpose recognized to be for the benefit of PS Phil.

B. Performance expectations:
1. Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory, unless expressly discussed with and approved by the artistic director.
2. Dress rehearsals are important and often include instrumentalists who are being paid for their time. Therefore, punctuality to dress rehearsals and concert call-times, as well as good rehearsal etiquette are all essential.
3. Description of performance dress code:
a) Ankle-length black skirt or loose-fitting trousers, dark-blue performance blouse (available for purchase or on loan from previous chorale members,) black closed-toe shoes, single strand of pearls.
b) Black tie: white dress shirt, black bow tie, black jacket and trousers, black shoes.
c) Pacific Shores Philharmonic Foundation strongly supports a spirit of respect and inclusiveness, and allows its members to choose formal concert dress that corresponds to the gender with which each individual member identifies.


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